Bio - John Handwerk, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. John Handwerk specializes in a gentle style of acupuncture called Japanese Meridian Therapy. A graduate of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe in 2004, he first started his studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Shi Cun Wu in Chicago in 1995. His interest in Japanese Meridian Therapy began in 2002 while studying Hari with T. Koei Kuwahara and continues by assisting and teaching at Hari workshops and running practice groups, as well as studying with senior teachers in Japan. In 2006 he was director of  the Community Acupuncture Project in Santa Fe, which offered free and low cost treatments. He uses Chinese Herbology and Food Therapy to help the body support treatments. The root of his training comes from 12 years of Tai Chi and Qigong practice and includes SourcePoint Therapy and other energy based medicines.


“My main modality is acupuncture, specifically Japanese Meridian Therapy. I am able to give treatments with or without needles depending on the sensitivity of the client and their comfort level concerning needles. I am also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, use Cupping, Bloodletting, Moxabustion, and Tui Na massage, and have the ability to work very deeply if needed.
I incorporate Chinese Herbology along with western herbs and nutritional supplements, as well as food therapy. I provide education in home therapy practices including self-massage, qigong exercises, and moxibustion. I believe that self-care practices are an essential part of a patients healing.
Oriental Medicine works with the spiritual, emotional and physical levels of the body in order to bring balance and wholeness to ones being. Helping people to improve their connection to the Divine and Universal Energies brings harmony and flow to their lives; from this balance, all types of healing are possible.”